Bethany is all about seeing people love God and love others. This comes right from the words of Jesus in Matthew 22:37-39, where He shares with us the two greatest things we can do as His followers. We pray that every person that comes to Bethany senses God's love for them and in turn loves Him and loves others.


Our heart at Bethany is to see people...

  • Receive the love of God through the Gospel & the Christ like love of the church.
  • React to the love of God by returning love to Him through a life of worship.
  • Reproduce this love by living Jesus outside the walls of our gatherings.


Our heart at Bethany is to see people...

  • Receive love as our church seeks to love others where they are with a desire to see them come to Christ.
  • React to this love by seeing people connected to the church and growing in their faith relationship with Christ and others.
  • Reproduce this love in others by serving the community and the world.