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Getting time to focus on your spiritual growth isn’t easy when you have young children!  That’s why we do everything we can to create a safe place for your child so you can attend service and grow in God. We have consistent caretakers so we get to know your child’s individual needs and help them grow into young men and women who love Jesus.


01. Check In

We’ll register your family into our system and give your child a name tag to make sure you’re the only one that can pick them up.

02. Enjoy Service

While you’re in service, we’ll lead your child through fun activities and creative Bible lessons to show them who God is.

03. Pick Up

Come back to the kids chapel after service and check out of our system – we won’t give them to anyone else without it!

Things you might want to know

Where Do I Drop Off My Child

Once you enter the parking lot, look for the awesome Little Ones sign. Its at the front of the Church and always for easy check-in/check-out before making way to the Worship Center for Service.

Where Do I Pick Up My Child

The nursery is located across the hall from the little ones room. You can pick up your child there and back out through the little ones room to check-out.

How Are Classes Split Up?

K-6th grade start in grade-level classrooms to build community, and then we have large group worship followed by splitting up for an age-appropriate Bible story and activities.

How Are My Kids Being Kept Safe?

Keeping your child safe is very important to us. All of our leaders are background-checked and trained before they volunteer. Additionally, each family is registered with our check-in system that matches their child’s name tag – you must check-in/check-out to pick up your child.

What Happens During A Typical Class?

We begin class with an offering time and intro activity that ties in with the day’s lesson. Next, children get together in one big group for live worship. Lastly, they break up into grade-level specific groups, learn a Bible story and do an activity or craft that reinforces the lesson.


Call the church office at 321-555-555 or email our Youth Pastor at